Leather Luggage Tag | Co-Branded

TWD $839

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Product details

product details

Never limit ourselves because of ours limited imagination! Together with our beloved friend, 《今晚我是手》, we create a new collection with artists for a new vision.


● Durable & quality leather strap 

● Co-branded with 《今晚我是手》

● Available for customized requests

● No exchanges and returns for personalized items









● Length: 6.4 x 11 cm, total length of leather sling is 25 cm.

● material: First layer of leather

● Made in Taiwan



● Avoid from grease, and acidic or alkaline substance. Keep away from high temperature and high heat.

● If the items touched rain, drips or sweat, you should wipe dry and then put ventilated place in order to air out it for fear that items might damp and mold. Do not dry by high temperate and high heat appliances.

● If there are stubborn stains on the items, you could use leather cleaning detergent to clean. Use dry cotton to wipe the dirt, and then spray detergent on cotton to clean, and don’t forget put in ventilated place to air out it.

● When you clean, don’t soak or machine wash the items for fear that leather might impaired.