Classic Italian handmade leather key ring

TWD $399

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Product details

product details

Made by hand,use Italy leather


You can feel the special touch of leather


Leather color will be change over time into a unique color








Specifications and precautions:

• Size: about W1 * H12CM

• Material: first layer of hand-dyed Italian leather

• Design / Origin: Taiwan



How do I maintain leather goods?

1. Do not come in contact with oil, acid, or alkaline substances.

2. Upon exposure to rain, water, or sweat, wipe the leather dry as soon as possible and dry in windy place. Also, avoid high temperatures or areas subject to hot steam.

3. Do not overstuff or overload the bag as this could damage the leather and hardware.

4. Do not soak in water and wash by machine.

5. Maintain it with cream monthly.






Do not wash