classic leather card purse

TWD $890

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Product details

product details


In this fast- pace world, we always put our trivial things in purse carelessly. We pursue efficiency but lose to enjoy our life. 

You don’t need expensive purse, simple and natural could show your taste.


●You can put cards in front compartment and put coins in back compartment.

●The design make you take cards easily, also you can go out casually. 

●Engraving service is available for this product. Only English capital letters and numbers could be chosen. Less than six letters is free, extra one word charged 15 NTD, limited in ten letters.



Double sandwich design, Money and cards can be segments


●Length: 6.5 x10.5 cm

●Material: First layer of leather ●Two compartments design.

Made in Taiwan



.Avoid from grease, and acidic or alkaline substance. Keep away from high temperature and high heat.

.If the items touched rain, drips or sweat, you should wipe dry and then put ventilated place in order to air out it for fear that items might damp and mold. Do not dry by high temperate and high heat appliances.

.If there are stubborn stains on the items, you could use leather cleaning detergent to clean. Use dry cotton to wipe the dirt, and then spray detergent on cotton to clean, and don’t forget put in ventilated place to air out it.

.When you clean, don’t soak or machine wash the items for fear that leather might impaired.